About Us
About Directorate Of Vocational Education and Training
Directorate Of Vocational Education & Training, Maharashtra State, Mumbai is committed to provide quality administration and vocational education and training services to educational institutes, Industrial training institutes and NGOs in Maharashtra State to meet the needs of industry , business to service sector and society at large.
This Department Aims at
  • Encouraging institutes for developing human resources to reduce the mismatch between demand and supply of manpower in various sectors like Engineering, Information Technology, Agriculture, Paramedical, Home Science, Trade & Commerce etc.
  • To reduce unemployment among youth by equipping them for suitable industrial, self & wage employment through well designed formal & non formal Vocational Education & Training programmes at Various institutes.
  • Establishing linkages with industry / Institutes / R & D organizations /Pass out students / Apprentices for mutual benefits.
  • Arranging quality development programmes for Principals, teachers instructors, staff & students thereby creating a dynamic learning environment.
  • Establishing Centres of Execellence at various key institutes in emerging areas like automobile, Production & Manufacturing, Non-Conventional energy sources, CNC/CAD/CAM & Information Technology.
The objectives of the Directorate is to create a holistic and integrated platform for meeting the end objectives of creating employable and entrepreneurs youth in the state. This “Web-Portal” is expected to work like a common platform for internal governance of Directorate as well as for the transparent, responsive and effective delivery of services to all the stakeholders i.e. candidates for admission to the various schemes of the Government, industry partners, assessment and examination agencies, training providers, government agencies etc. This will be a common platform for approval and monitoring of the vocational education & training institutes. Once registered on the web portal, an individual stakeholders shall be exposed to full spectrum of opportunities of vocational education & training and be able to avail the benefits of the schemes suitable for his profile, education, skill & background to make him/her employable.
This portal will be the gateway to registration for candidates, training institutes and other agencies working in vocational education & training development space. This Portal will handle end to end process of registration, training and post-training placement tracking of trainee in addition to cover end to end process of registration, training, administration & finance management and monitoring of the implementation of the vocational education & training schemes. The portal shall also provide for on line admission, and facilitate electronic direct transfer of funds to and from stakeholders and other agencies. Every registered stakeholder shall have qualified access to value added information and services as well as getting relevant notifications through SMS alerts and e-mails.
This portal facilitates the registration for the approval of the Government of Maharashtra for the following type of training institutes
  • Private permanently unaided Industrial Training Institutes (ITI)
  • Private permanently unaided +2 Bifocal Vocational Institutes
  • Private permanently unaided Pre-SSC Vocational Institutes
  • Vocational Training Institutes (VTI)
This portal also facilitates the registration of the assessment bodies and inspecting agencies.